Forever Ibtesam.

Apr 23

My babe.

Apr 20

F*ck, I love this man.

"Short. Tall. Fat. Bald. Girl. Boy. Blue. Green. I don’t care. Make me laugh. That’s all that matters."

Apr 19

"On the fast track to unemployment."

Apr 13
Apr 7

Oppressed Majority. Definitely, incredibly, and seriously worth the watch.

How can I give up totally on my life and become Mindy Kaling? How can I actually get work done? How can I make money? How can I graduate from being me? How can I be fabulous? How can I find love? How can I move away from myself and all that I know? How can I become a better me? How can I give up? How can I move on? How can I get away? How can I just not care? How can I become famous? How can I just ugh?

Mar 20

Growing up is such a hard thing to do. I’m not sure how everyone else is doing it. Is everyone faking? How?! And if they are, then everyone seems to be doing such a great job at hiding things. You know, what I really want to know is, when is everything supposed to start making sense again? Is there some place where I can check myself into, so that all that’s supposed to happen next in my life will fall into line? Is there some sort of life formula that I am unaware of? Something that will let me calculate out every detailed future occurrence? Or will I forever walk this path of grave confusion where nothing, truly nothing at all, makes sense anymore? You know, up until now there has been a life-line of sorts that I have followed. Birth. School. More school. And even more school. So, now that I’m at the very tippy-top-end of that line, what’s next? What am I supposed to grab onto? How can life be so efficiently planned out for 22 long years and then all of a sudden end? How?! Here’s life saying, “Bye bye now. It’s all over.” My hand has been held for so long, from that very first tiny step all the way to one I will take next. Every step I’ve taken and every move I’ve made has been so calculated. Nothing was meant to go wrong and usually nothing did go wrong. And even if wrongs happened, somehow they were fixed. Everything and I mean everything has been planned out. And now here I am. At the end, where nothing is in front of me anymore. No more clear outlined path. No more clarity. All that’s there is this looming, elephantine fog of confusion. And here I am at the end, waiting to be thrown into its depths.

Feb 28
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